"My wife initially contacted David about one of the houses he had listed when we were looking for an investment property. We’ve bought and sold a number of properties and I’m always skeptical about the agents. So many of them waste your time, but my experience with David was exactly the opposite.

David was very upfront, open and honest. He told us the pros and cons about this particular property. Once he understood that we were planning to rent out the home, we determined that it was a good fit for us. We were concerned that the property might not appraise for the sales price, but David worked closely with the lender and it ended up appraising for a little over what we paid. 

David took care of all of the details of the sale and the transaction was seamless. Of all of the agents I’ve worked with, he is the best in terms of getting things done and being the easiest to work with. I would definitely recommend David and we plan to use him again when we are ready to purchase another property."

- Brian Lee

"David is the best person in the whole world! If it hadn’t been for him, I don’t think I could have survived. In the space of six months, my mother, father and husband all died. I was left all alone, with my home and my parents’ home, trying to figure out what to do next. 
David knows everyone, and he brought all these people into my life to help me with everything from home repairs to financial advice. He sold my parents’ home and advised me which renovations would be cost-effective (and which wouldn’t) to get the best return on my money. 

Following his advice, we sold the house very quickly and for a great price. Throughout the process, David was knowledgeable, responsive and caring. He is also fun-loving and kind and somebody I know I can trust."

- Jo Lesser


"David is a wonderful guy and he did a wonderful job for us. He is attentive, efficient and reliable. We have bought and sold several properties with him, and we have recommended him to friends and family without hesitation. 

His knowledge of the market is excellent and he is very attentive. If you call him, no matter what time of the day it is, he calls you right back. When he sold our house, we got more than the asking price and more than we would have ever believed possible.

David has given us a lot of good advice and referred us to other trusted professionals he works with. He knows a lot of people! Real estate is a serious business and there is lots of money at stake. David is very serious about his job and very professional, but also very personable. I am a big fan of David’s!"

- Marilyn Talbot

"As the Vice President of Wealth and Asset Management for a large financial institution in San Francisco, David was my go-to guy whenever I needed to liquidate real estate assets held in family trusts located on the mid-peninsula. Once I give David a listing, I don’t even think about it because I know he will get the job done perfectly. 

David is a very hands-on, in-the-trenches guy. He goes out to the property, takes copious notes, advises on what we need to do to make it more saleable and then manages the whole process. He has his own team of contractors who can do the work on time and for a great price. When offers come in, he makes a spreadsheet of all the salient points of each offer and we go through and decide which one to accept. David works tirelessly, hosts the open houses himself and guides the transaction through from beginning to end. 

Of the several listings I’ve given David, all have sold over asking price. David is passionate, thoughtful, great with people and completely trustworthy. I have worked with hundreds of real estate agents and David is one of the very best I have ever known."

- Shelly Eisaman

"We used David as our buyer’s agent to purchase four homes. He is very professional, knowledgeable about the real estate market and trends and very honest. 

We have worked with a lot of agents in the past, but David is the most professional and the one that I know I can trust. He has terrific negotiating skills and when he represented us as buyers he knew exactly what to do to make our offer more compelling in a multiple bid situation.

I’m not easy to work with because I am an engineer and I’m very detail-oriented, but David has always gone above and beyond to make sure that everything is done just right. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is buying or selling a home."

- Anny Lee